run exe on opensuse – Wine
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run exe on opensuse - Wine

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run exe on opensuse – Wine

run exe on opensuse - Wine

run exe on opensuse – Wine

Wine is an open-source implementation of Windows API for Linux. This enables you to run your favorite Windows programs on Linux.
Wine makes Linux “pose” as Windows. Unlike VMWare, Xen and others which pretend to be a computer, on which you then run the real Microsoft Windows as you would on a physical machine, Wine instead just pretends to be Windows, by offering applications the Windows API and functions they use, and mapping them to the corresponding Linux API.

Given that Wine pretends to be Windows, and Windows is complex and convoluted, this posing works only to a certain degree, and varies a lot depending on which Windows application you use, which functions it uses and how complete the Wine implementation is. You can check the Wine Application Database for other people’s experiences with your application. Both regular office apps and games are supported by the standard Open-Source Wine shipped with openSUSE. There are also some non-free versions of Wine which support other applications.

Of course, Wine needs to be installed, see Repositories below.

To use the Windows program, first Linux needs to have access to it. The preferred (more reliable and secure) way is to install it from the Windows program’s installation CD, by running the setup.exe with Wine, i.e. when openSUSE recognizes the inserted CD and opens it in Konqueror, you just click on setup.exe.

By default, the emulated drive C: will be a directory on the Linux partition, and you can install your program there. You don’t need to have Microsoft Windows installed nor to access any possibly existing Windows partition.

Afterwards, you start the program via one of the ways listed below.

From Konqueror
You should be able to just click on a Windows .exe file in your file manager (e.g. Konqueror). That should start the program in Wine (TODO verify common file managers).

CDs that you insert should appear under /media/, and the C: drive in Wine is mapped by default to ~/.wine/drive_c/ – paste that in your Konqueror address bar and make a bookmark.

From shell
If you open a terminal (e.g. Konsole), you can also type wine “/media/dvd/setup.exe” or wine “/media/c/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/firefox.exe”, where the italics part is the path to the program you want to start, and it depends on your system and your application. The quotes are needed if you have spaces in the pathname.

From start menu
If you want to have an entry for the program in your start / KDE / SuSE menu, you can open the menu folder where want to place it, then click the right mouse button for the context menu, and select “Edit menu”. You should see an application “KDE menu editor” opening. Click File | New element…, enter a name and description for it, and enter as “command” the same command as described under “From shell” above. Test the command in a shell first before adding it to the menu.

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